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Kidsz Paradise Youth Cammand Center Rules
• Respect the staff, equipment, building, and peers.
• Sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave.
• Once you sign out of KP you may not return for the day.
• School appropriate behavior is expected including appropriate language.
• No wandering outside of KP; this may result in additional disciplinary actions
• Unruly, physically aggressive, or dangerous behavior is unacceptable.
• Anyone in possession of improper or illegal substances or weapons of any type will be sucject to further disciplinary action
• No bullying.
• Inappropriate expressions of affection will not be permitted.
• Snacks and refreshments may only be consumed at designated tables.
• Clean up after yourself.

*Two warnings from staff in one day will result in a coaching from a staff member to include notification to parents
* Disrespect to staff may result in immediate suspension from the Youth Center without warning.
*1st Suspension – 1 Week
*2nd Suspension – 2 Weeks
*3rd Suspension – 1 Month
* Further Suspensions – 1 Year and/or suspension from all Community Activities Programs. Student must also
have a follow-up meeting with KP staff prior to returning to Youth Center and/or KP programs.
* KP reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of discipline at any time.
*Consequences are effective for current school year.
I have read and understand the Youth Center rules and consequences. By signing below I agree to make the
Youth Center a fun and safe place for everyone by following the rules and consequences.



I fully release and discharge Kidsz Paradise Inc. and its employees, directors and volunteers from any and all claims or damages, including claims or damages arising from injuries, death or property damage, which may arise out of or occur in connection with my use of the school district or community facilities, the programs offered by Kidsz Paradise KP or allegedly caused by the negligence of Kidsz Paradise KP, except for those resulting from the intentional or reckless acts of the Kidsz Paradise KP or its employees, directors, and volunteers.
I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kidsz Paradise KP and it’s employees, directors, and volunteers from any and all claims or damages, costs, or expenses, incurred by the Kidsz Paradise KP, its employees, directors, and volunteers which result from or relate to my use of the school district or community facilities and the programs offered by KP; except for those resulting from the intentional or reckless acts of the KP or it’s officers or employees.
By submitting this form, I choose to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement as they are.